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Welcome to Legal Translations by WordQuarry

Quality, affordable and fast legal translations by experienced translators from around the world

1 When you need high quality, fast and affordable legal translation, we can offer highly qualified and experienced translators for all types of legal work. Our translators are used to working closely with government departments and law firms together with legal departments at multi-national organisations.

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2 To ensure your legal document translation goes according to plan you will need a dedicated project manager (no matter what size the project) and an answer to your questions 24/7. We provide both these important services and can often provide same day turnaround if needed.

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3When you need legal document translation very, very quickly then often you will be charged a premium. We do not charge extra for a quick (even same day) turnaround. We will confirm your required time scale for the same rate you would pay for normal delivery.

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Often translation companies will charge more for legal work than they will for more “standard” translation work. We don’t do that. Our rate for translation is the same for legal or highly technical work as it would be for any other document. We aim to be affordable and of a quality standard that does not need to fluctuate depending on the project.


We can handle your case notes, reports, court documents, tender documents, contracts, arbitration and litigation, court and witness transcripts or any documentation in any format. Just let us have what you have and we will handle the rest.


We cover most languages. The most called for at present seem to be: Polish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Latvian, Bengali, Farsi, Cantonese, Portuguese, Maltese and of course others. Just ask us. We can do it for you. (For more information about our other translation services – visit our WordQuarry site.)


Would having your website (or part of your website) in other languages help your business? Would it make potential clients immediately relate to you more quickly? Having your legal document translation done professionally is one thing – making your website, your emails or your newsletters more language friendly may also be a great advantage to your business. Read More.