World fair organisers in Milan accused of doing English-language translation on the cheap.

Reported in the Independent newspaper today (17/2/15). “The organisers of the most prestigious world fair on the planet, subject to hundreds of thousands of pounds of investment and put on only once every five years, have been accused of using Google Translate to produce their English-language website.”

“The extraordinary results have been the subject of reports in Italian papers including the daily Corriere della Sera, and many carried screen shots showing that the English on matched exactly with what you get when you put the Italian version into Google Translate.”

“One article, entitled: “Regione che vai, progetto che trovi” and with the first line: “Turismo ma non solo.” Translated with Google’s free service, it reads rather oddly: “Region that go, the project that are. Tourism, but not only.” Sure enough, that’s how it appears on the Expo 2015 website.”

Read the whole article here.

Expo 15 Website Front Page.

Part of Expo 15 Website Front Page.


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